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The following resource links are provided to help you navigate through the criminal justice system.

Riverside County inmate locator: If you need to locate someone in jail in Riverside County, this link will take you directly to the Riverside County Jail inmate locator. You can type in the person’s name and access a list of individuals with that name that are currently incarcerated. Click on the name want and you will be redirected to a page that will give you booking information, where the individuals is currently housed, and a list of charges the person has been arrested for, along with the bail amount.

Riverside County Sheriff’s Department: This link will direct you to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department homepage where you will find jail locations and information, inmate mail information, how to deposit money for an inmate, how to order a care package, contact information, in addition to information on services and locations.

Riverside County Superior Court online case information: If you want to find out whether a case has been filed in Riverside, or what has happened on a specific case, you can get limited access through this link. You will need a date of birth and either a California driver’s license, or a court case number. If you need detailed information you will need to purchase a copy of the minute order, either online, or at a court location.

Riverside County Superior Court: The Court website has location information, appearance information, how to make payments on fines, appearance information, bail information and other valuable information on the court system.

State Bar of California: The State Bar’s website has a wealth of information for an individual looking for attorney contact information, resolving fee disputes, and links to simple legal documents, such as wills.

California Penal Code: The complete California Penal Code can be accessed here and indexes every Penal Code currently in effect in the State of California.

California Health and Safety Code: Information on the crimes in California involving controlled substances can be located here.

California Vehicle Code: Information on vehicle related crimes can be found here.

California Department of Justice: Gun ownership information, crime statistics, fingerprinting, request for criminal history background, to name just a few services.

Department of Motor Vehicles: Driver’s license and vehicle registration information, in addition to a complete list of Vehicle Code section crimes.

California Constitution: California’s rendition of the Constitution. Everything from a declaration of rights, the courts and judiciary, to taxes and medical research.

California Court of Appeals: Track the status of a criminal case that is up for appeal.

California Supreme Court: The final word in California before a state case can be appealed on a federal level.

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