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Did you know you have the right to remain silent? That you the right to have a lawyer present during questioning? You need to know your rights! Before you talk to anyone else, call Murrieta – Temecula criminal defense attorney Karen E. Lockhart at 951-698-5191 for a free, confidential consultation. It doesn’t cost anything to talk! The prosecutor in your case will be an experienced attorney, why shouldn’t you have one?

Have you been arrest or charged with a crime? How important is your freedom? Since 1993 Murrieta criminal attorney Karen E. Lockhart has devoted her practice to the aggressive representation of individuals who have been arrested and charged with committing criminal offenses. During the span of her career she has successfully defended thousands of criminal cases, including some of the most complex, difficult, criminal cases in Riverside County.

Ms. Lockhart is an accomplished trial attorney and an aggressive, experienced criminal defense attorney, with one of the most widely recognized names in the Riverside County criminal justice system. Ms. Lockhart also has one of the highest success rates defending criminal cases in Riverside County. Ms. Lockhart’s law office is conveniently located just a few miles from the Southwest Justice Center in Murrieta, at the Murrieta – Temecula border.

Ms. Lockhart has a unique hands on approach to representing individuals charged in criminal cases. Working full time as a law clerk, while attending law school, gave Ms. Lockhart an intimate understanding that clients must be informed on the progress of their case, and must have access to their criminal defense attorney, not just staff. When you have questions about legal matters, you want prompt answers. All phone calls from clients are returned by Ms. Lockhart within 24 hours, except in extraordinary circumstances.

You have the right to hire the Murrieta criminal lawyer of your choice. If you cannot afford a criminal defense attorney the court will appoint one for you, generally a public defender. Whether you decide to hire an attorney, and who you decide to hire is highly personal and choice you should make wisely. A few questions you may ask yourself are:

  • Will this criminal defense attorney FIGHT FOR MY RIGHTS and do everything possible to WIN MY CASE?
  • Does this criminal defense attorney have a PROVEN TRACK RECORD for WINNING CRIMINAL CASES like mine?
  • Does this criminal defense attorney have the EXPERIENCE and KNOWLEDGE in criminal law to win my case?
  • Do I feel personally COMFORTABLE with this criminal defense attorney?
  • Does this criminal defense attorney make herself AVAILABLE to me either by phone or in person?
  • Does this criminal defense attorney keep me INFORMED of the status of my case?

If you have already retained a criminal defense attorney and you wish hire a new attorney, you may do so at anytime, subject to the approval of the court. Your new criminal defense attorney can contact your former criminal defense attorney and arrange for the transfer of your file. In some cases you will be required to sign a substitution of attorney or appear in court and inform the court that you have retained a new criminal defense attorney. There are some instances where the court may not allow you to change attorneys. An example of this is on the day your trial is to begin, unless you have good cause for the change.

Contact us for a free, confidential consultation. Hiring the best Murrieta – Temecula criminal defense attorney is more affordable than you think. And – It doesn’t cost anything to talk. Contact Murrieta criminal attorney Karen E. Lockhart for immediate help with your legal case. Consultations are available by telephone or in person. Weekends and evening appointments are also available. Consultations are always FREE.

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Client Reviews

You are doing an amazing job. I’m glad I have you on my side, and I can’t wait for it all to end. Thank you for everything. Sincerely.

- C.Y.

“You have come into my case like an angel sent from god. Thank you for all the hard work you are putting forth. I also send our appreciation and best wishes to your office staff on my case. God bless, thank you.” Sincerely.

- M.C.

“I just wanted to first of all thank you very much for not only taking my case but also for always keeping myself and my family informed on what’s going on. It really meant a lot to know you were always nice to my mom, and I know she appreciated your help also.” Respectfully.

- R.C.

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