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Kidnapping is defined in Penal Code section 207 – 210 as the substantial movement of another person, by force or fear. Kidnapping can also be for ransom, robbery or carjacking, or rape.

Kidnapping charges often arise during the course of a resident burglary when the homeowner arrives home and is prevented from leaving the house, being moved from room to room as the burglary is completed. Kidnapping can also be charged where a person is moved from street to street, city to city, or state of state during the commission of a carjacking if the person is still in the vehicle when the carjacking is complete.

Kidnapping for ransom is very rare and self explanatory. In order to violate this law you must you hold someone, against their will, by force or fear, and move them a substantial distance. The last element is generally satisfied by the taking and hiding of the victim.

Kidnapping for carjacking, robbery or rape are two of the most serious crimes a person can be charged with, short of murder. The crimes occur when a person is kidnapped for the purpose of committing one of the listed crimes.


The range of punishment for kidnapping can be a year in the county jail, for extremely unusual cases, and up to life in prison with the possibility of parole.

Kidnapping is a “strike” offense, under the “Three Strikes” and you are out law.


The task of defending a kidnapping charge can be daunting. Know that the prosecution will charge the most serious offense. Even if some of the elements, or facts, are questionable. In the short term, this gives the prosecution the upper hand. If you are represented by an inexperienced attorney who lacks the experience and understanding of the facts the prosecution must prove, you will find yourself at a huge disadvantage.

Some examples of the defenses to kidnapping, including the more serious charges of kidnapping for robbery, carjacking, or rape, include lack of movement, insufficient movement, consent, and lack of intent, just to name a few.

Kidnapping Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are charged with the crime of kidnapping you need an experienced, aggressive criminal attorney, with a proven track record, who is familiar with the law of kidnapping, and any defenses that apply. With more than 21 years of experience, attorney Karen E. Lockhart has defended thousands of serious cases. It is crucial you don’t talk about the facts of your case with anyone before speaking with an experienced kidnapping defense attorney. Call Murrieta- Temecula criminal defense attorney Karen E. Lockhart at 951-698-5191, for a free, confidential consultation. It doesn’t cost anything to talk.

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